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Eton Suits and Rompers

English boys in the early decades of the 19th Century began wearing short jackets which came to be known as Eton suits as the fashion was worn at Eton school. Entry requirements at Public schools varied greatly during the first half of the 19th Century. Some schools accepted quite young boys. The Eton uniform set the style for boys suits. Many boys eventually worn Eton suits even though they did not go to Eton School. A spin off of the Eton suits became fashionable for small American boys beginning about 5 years of age. Eton suits are still sometimes seen at formal weddings where the ring bearer might be dressed in a cute Eton suit. We know how adorable this look is for little boys and that is why we offer such a wide selection of boys Eaton suits. We even have a large selection of colors, patterns and even ones with cute matching hats. These Eaton suits have such a classic little school boy look that that surely will turn the heads. They are perfect for weddings, family portraits, birthday, holidays and any event that you want your little one to stand out. Flowergirldressforless.com offers them in sizes newborn to toddlers and in such a large assortment of styles that it will be hard choosing just one! Our prices on Eaton suits are unbeatable.