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2002, 2015

How much candy should you allow your child to eat per day?

By |February 20th, 2015|Advice, Parenting|0 Comments

This is a question I know most moms have to face almost everyday living in a country where childhood obesity, diabetes and cancer are the leading types of illnesses. If it was completely up to me, I would not allow my kids to eat anything with sugar including candy at all. Unfortunately it’s not totally […]

1102, 2015

Should you buy Valentine gifts for all the kids in the classroom or only your best friends?

By |February 11th, 2015|Advice, Parenting, Seasonal Dresses|0 Comments

By the time their kids are in 5th Grade, every mom is pretty much an expert in special occasion gifts and school etiquette. This is some helpful information for those new moms whose kids are just starting or will be starting elementary school. There are certain rules and etiquette one must follow during special events […]

102, 2015

The latest trends in Communion dresses 2015

By |February 1st, 2015|Communion|0 Comments

The candles were burning bright and gave an angelic and warm feeling to the guest as beautiful chorus music was playing in the background. It was a picture perfect moment as my older sister wearing a beautiful veil and a stunning lace and satin white dress that symbolizes purity strolled into the front gates of […]

2101, 2015

12 gift ideas for the children in your wedding

By |January 21st, 2015|Advice, Flower Girl|0 Comments

A gift for your young ones can reward a great performance, add something special to a wedding day outfit, or act as a good-natured bribe.  Guidelines? Think indulgent, ultra-girly and cool and playful for the boys. Here are 12 ideas for the children of your wedding party that they’ll treasure forever.


You may love […]

1201, 2015

Who’s who in the wedding?

By |January 12th, 2015|Advice, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer|0 Comments

The tradition of flower girls and ring bearers actually dates back to Victorian times when they were used to entertain and wow the wedding attendees. Their size and innocent reactions are what make them so special. In fact, if you are having a formal wedding, children can be a great icebreaker. It is a very […]

1201, 2015

A girl’s First Holy Communion dress can influence the significance of the event in her memory

By |January 12th, 2015|Communion|0 Comments

So how do you choose a perfect communion dress without breaking the bank?
Girls’ First Holy Communion is one of the most important events in a Roman Catholic Church. It is the rite of passage leading to confirmation for a child at the age of seven to ten. It often consists of large family gatherings where […]

701, 2015

Communion Dresses Video Channel Launched

By |January 7th, 2015|Communion|0 Comments

We are so proud and super excited to introduce our Flower Girl Dress For Less new dedicated YouTube channel just for communion dresses. Here we showcase communion dresses that we love and we think you’ll love. Our company has been in flower girl dress business for 20 plus years and we are confident that our extensive […]

301, 2015

Top 10 tips for choosing flower girl dresses

By |January 3rd, 2015|Advice, Flower Girl|0 Comments

What are the latest styles in flower girl dresses and how do you choose the perfect dress?

The most important day in the life of a bride-to-be is approaching and for most, it is a wonderful and yet extremely stressful time. With the millions of choices in everything in bridal stores and online, brides can often […]

1712, 2014

Kids Participation In Weddings

By |December 17th, 2014|Advice, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer|0 Comments

Children have become a bigger part of weddings than they have in previous years.  There are more people getting remarried that already have kids or individuals who have children before they take their first vows.  The prospect of a new parent in a child’s life is a big change.  This may make them feel nervous […]

812, 2014

Purchasing Kids’ Birthday Party Dresses Online

By |December 8th, 2014|Birthdays & Special Events, Kids Costumes|0 Comments

The big day is fast approaching and yet you have no idea what your little girl is going to wear to her birthday party. It could be that you have searched the local malls and boutiques but ended up coming home empty handed because the dress you wanted was either too expensive or you just […]