So how do you choose a perfect communion dress without breaking the bank?

Girls’ First Holy Communion is one of the most important events in a Roman Catholic Church. It is the rite of passage leading to confirmation for a child at the age of seven to ten. It often consists of large family gatherings where girls often wear fancy, white Holy Communion dresses and a veil attached to a wreath of flowers or hair ornaments. The significance of the white Holy Communion dresses is closely tied to symbolize purity of a child coming to the age of reason. Most families take a lot of time and pride to prepare for this special event, and choosing the first Holy Communion dress is often one of the most important parts of this preparation. When shopping for a Holy Communion dress, keep in mind that you want to preserve this important dress forever, so you want to look for a dress that is made of quality materials that lasts. There is a large selection of first Holy Communion dresses online that can save you time and money. Don’t overwhelm yourself by going through every online shop you see on the first page of your search. Look for online stores that have a large selection, have been in business for more than three years, have competitive prices, have mostly good reviews (you can’t make some people happy no matter how hard you try!), fast and secure shipping, and have a good return policy. Also, when searching online for Holy Communion dresses, look for the following:

  • Quality Material. Quality satin, lace or fabrics that are made of breathable and quality materials that may be preserved. It is common to pass first Holy Communion dresses to sisters or cousins.
  • Comfort is essential. Children often complain if the fabric of the dress is scratchy. Look for fully lined dresses that are comfortable against the skin. Good reputable flower girl dress companies provide online or phone customer service. This allows the customer to contact them and ask about the dresses if they are concerned about the quality and comfort.
  • Warm up with a cape, jacket or petticoat. Some online dress shops offer beautiful white capes that can be worn over first Holy Communion dresses to add additional style and warmth.
  • Buy online to SAVE! Reputable online stores like, carry such a large selection of quality first Holy Communion dresses that they are able to slash prices and make them affordable for every type of budget.
  • Last but not least: Accessorize accordingly. Some online stores carry matching first Holy Communion dress accessories. You don’t want to shop different online stores for accessories. So make sure the online store you are purchasing you Holy Communion dress from also carries a large selection of first communion veils, gloves, bags and other accessories that are worn with first Holy Communion dresses.

Following the above suggestions should provide smooth sailing in choosing your first Holy Communion dress for an unforgettable event. Your little angel will forever remember her First Holy Communion because of the beautiful dress she wore. Don’t forget to include her in searching for the perfect dress which should be easily done online!