The candles were burning bright and gave an angelic and warm feeling to the guest as beautiful chorus music was playing in the background. It was a picture perfect moment as my older sister wearing a beautiful veil and a stunning lace and satin white dress that symbolizes purity strolled into the front gates of the church. Our family and friends admired her beauty as she walked down the aisle holding a rosary and holy bible. My parents were proud as my sister entered what would be one of the most important events of her life: The first Holy Communion.

This was by far one of the most memorable events that happened in my family as we celebrated my sisters First Holy Communion and the coming of age. It took month of preparation to make sure everything was perfect. We were all so excited because growing up we were taught the importance of the First Holy Communion in Catholic school. This is one of the central practices of the Catholic Church. Catholic families often hold this sacrament in great importance because it is a sacrament of initiation and draws the children into the Catholic Church.

Finding the perfect dress for this occasion was just as important because the white communion dress symbolizes purity, and it is one of the most important events in a catholic girl’s life so you want to capture great photos. Also my mom wanted to find a high quality dress that could later be handed down to me and my cousins. Handing down communion dresses to the next generation is usually practiced amongst families that celebrate the first Holy Communion. As fun as the event was, chasing my mom around all day in crowded malls to find that perfect communion dress was not so memorable. There were so many different styles and variations of communion dresses depending on taste and budget.

Nowadays you can find the latest trends in communion dresses 2015 online without having to leave your comfortable couch. That’s why when it was time to find a communion dress for my daughter I spend probably a total of two hours online. All I did was type in the latest trend in communion dresses 2015 and several online retailors came up with hundreds of styles and variations. From simple A-Line dresses to big tulle skirts, ruffle skirts, dresses with intricate bead work with sleeves or sleeveless the list is endless. Some online retailers offered discount prices on the most stunning designer communion dresses that are the latest trend for 2015.

I bought a Macis designer short sleeve tulle and lace communion dress at a discounted price of hundred dollars less than the retail price. I was stunned when I received the dress. The dress was made up of bridal quality fabrics with extra touches of high end details.  The design is unique and can last from generation to generation because of its classic style. The lace top features an illusion neckline and waistband with an ornate pendant. The straight and full tulle skirt adds the perfect touch to the dress so that it is not overstated. The dress is fully lined for complete coverage and to ensure comfort.

My daughter was glowing the day of her first Holy Communion wearing her designer Macis dress. You could tell she was comfortable because she did not complain about the dress the whole day.  Watching her walking down the aisle brought back the loving memories of my sister’s first Holy Communion. I wish my mom had the same easy experience I had buying the most perfect communion dress online!