A gift for your young ones can reward a great performance, add something special to a wedding day outfit, or act as a good-natured bribe.  Guidelines? Think indulgent, ultra-girly and cool and playful for the boys. Here are 12 ideas for the children of your wedding party that they’ll treasure forever.


You may love to get her a great new outfit, but to be the apple of her eye, consider a great new toy for your young superstar. Check first with the parents to get the 411 on her wish list. Is Barbie her thing? Check out the new “Bridal Barbie” and give her a keepsake she will never forget. For the boys, look into remote control cars and electronic games or sports items. If they are out of these stages, give them something special from you, such as a learning toy to play during down time at the wedding.


Little girls love to see their names on just about everything. Engraved ID bracelets or necklaces will make the every member of the wedding party feel special. Need other monogrammed notions? There are cut monograms that you can purchase now at Joanns Fabric and Michael Crafts Stores that you can easily iron on just about anything. Its a great and easy way to get personalized!


Jewelry is always exciting for any girl, especially when it’s real and presented in a cute little box. Although it doesn’t have to break the bank to be special- check out all of our great rhinestone jewelry made especially sized for young girls. What girl do you know who doesn’t like a a little sparkle in their life? Our jewelry is something they will not want to take off, we promise! You won’t find these type of baubles in your local department store.


Indulge them with the kinds of presents their parents might not, and they’ll instantly upgrade you to queen-bee status. Here are some irresistible ideas:

  • For the girls, a bag that contains all kinds of lip glosses, nail polish and hair accessories. If you are on a budget for this gift, gather up all of your “gift with purchases” from your own cosmetic purchases and creatively wrap them up for her dress up time. Just make sure this gift is not given before or directly after the wedding because this one has wedding disaster written all over it!
  • For both, a great new sleeping bag is always nice. Is Barbie the favorite on her list? She will sleeping pretty in pink with her new gear and will be the envy at her next sleep over. For the boys, think Spiderman or any new action figure for a super hero gift.
  • For both, get them a Mr. Microphone and encourage them to follow their dreams of being a star. Just make sure they don’t hide it in the flower basket and serenade you down the isle!
  • For both, hook them up with their favorite music and purchase a CD player and some CD’s. This may help them to unwind and relax before their big moment in your wedding.


If she is like most women we know, she cannot resist when tempted by another pair of shoes! The biggest mistake we see in so many weddings is the adults forget about what shoes will be worn by the flower girl or ring bearer. The last thing you want in your wedding pictures is some old scuffed up shoes on your child. Plan their outfit from the top to the bottom. Take a look at our great shoes for girls that can be reused for Easter and Formals and are $15.99 a pair, so you can’t go wrong, even if for one day.


How many girls do you know that wouldn’t like a doll? There are some really beautiful ones out there that are wedding related. If you can’t find one that is directly related to weddings, then try purchasing one that looks like your flower girl, such as her long blond hair, or her cute freckles. Make it special so she will remember it long past your wedding. For boys, find out what their favorite action or sports hero is and purchase them accessories such as posters, shirts and gear that are related to those themes.


Give the gift of learning. Here are some of our favorites for kids that can be purchased at your local bookstore or online:

  • Flower Girl (Hyperion) by Laura Godwin
  • Make a Joyful Sound (Scholastic) by Deborah Slier Shine
  • A Child’s Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The Secret Garden (Harper Collins), by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Oxford), by William Blake
  • The English Roses (Callaway Editions) by Madonna
  • Little Red (Simon & Schuster) Children’s Publishing by Sarah Ferguson

Note: Make sure to hand inscribe the book, including the wedding date, to commemorate the flower girl’s participation in the big day.


Grab up one of our cute purses, hair accessory or gloves and present it to her before the wedding. She will feel all grown up like the big girls and it will be sure to put a smile on her face. For boys, small trucks, video games or an inexpensive watch are always fun to give.


What child do you know (yourself included) who wouldn’t like a water related gift? Whether it is a real Slip N’ Slide or a great new float, anything that has to do with getting wet will surely make them smile! If your wedding is somewhere tropical or they are staying at a hotel with a pool, make up a basket with items like swimsuits, beach buckets/shovels, flip flops, sunglasses and lotion. If there is no beach or pool around, get them cool bath stickers for the boys and the some new glitter shower gel for the girls. Bath paints and chalk are always a fun idea and great for kids, but sometimes a clean up nightmare, so check with the parents first.


A dressy hair accessory is always a safe gift. Whether you opt for one of our assorted bun wraps, headbands, wreath or crowns, her locks will look precious on your wedding day and at parties to come. Paying for her hair to be professionally done, along with a smaller gift, would make her feel extra special on that day. Most all of our hair accessories are aound $9.99, so it won’t break the bank! The groom can also take the boy(s) with him on his “before the wedding day haircut” appointment and make it special for the boy. The better the kids feel about themselves on this day, the better attitude and behavior they will carry with them.


Long after the wedding is the only time that we feel that it is appropriate to give them candy… We have visions of a chocolate covered faces walking down the isle… If you choose to give candy, make sure that your child does not have sugar problems or dentists issues. If you choose to make up a little basket- don’t forget to include one of those neat character spinning tooth brushes and some cool toothpaste that we have spotted at Target!


You have to admit, kids do love presents, however, not all good things come in a box! Let them have day where you will let them choose and plan how the day will go. There isn’t one child we know who doesn’t like a day that is all about themselves. Take them to their favorite movie and eating place (the one that mom doesn’t take them to). Let them have whatever they want to eat at the movies and whatever they want for food. If going out is not their thing let them stay at your house and sleep over maybe with the other children who are in the wedding- stay up late watching movies, eating pizza and making cookies. It will be a good night to talk about their role on the wedding. However, make it a night of laughter and friendship for memories that will last way after the big day!

Note: Keep it under control- don’t send back a sugared out, sleep deprived, “wild-child” to the parents. You will have it returned one day when you have kids!