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3110, 2016

How to win the “WEAR YOUR COAT!!!” argument this winter

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Remember the good old days when your kids actually listened to you and didn’t talk back? If you are a parent, you most likely rarely had such days ever since your children developed speaking skills. One battle that most parents never win is the jacket argument. As temperatures start to dip, we like to bundle […]

2410, 2016

How to stretch your dollar this holiday season: Buy designer holiday girls’ dresses for less

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With November approaching, the holiday season is fast upon us and stylish girls’ holiday dresses are a must-have for festive celebrations. In addition to taking great holiday photos, the right holiday dress can help girls look their best and make their parents proud. Girls often wear special dresses for Christmas, Easter, and other important days […]

512, 2015

10 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

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The cold weather is upon us and so are the cold and flu symptoms. Treating your cold and flu symptoms the natural way is more effective and can help you get over it quickly without having to expose your body to harmful chemical found in most prescription and over the counter cold medicines. Here are […]

2311, 2015

4 Important Tips for Selecting the Perfect Outfits for Your 2015 Holiday Card

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You’re probably thinking why is she talking about the holidays when Halloween hasn’t past?  The answer is simple; every year holidays seem to come around faster than the year before.  Early preparations can save you a lot of headache in addition to money. Planning and preparation is especially important when it comes to Holiday cards. […]

2109, 2015

Top 5 Beauty Hacks Using Natural Products

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Every girl needs some quick and inexpensive go to beauty hacks. Why use expensive, harsh and harmful chemicals when you can use natural products in your fridge and pantry. This list of natural products can become a part of your beauty routine harming your health and breaking your bank:
Apple cider vinegar

Keep color from fading by […]

2306, 2015

Top 5 Cool Summer Snacks for Kids

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Does it seem like your kids are asking for snacks all day long? Most parents will answer yes to this question. What about summer time? During the summer break it seems like they are even hungrier than usual, especially after swimming! Long summer days playing in the pool or just pure boredom seem to make […]

506, 2015

Healthy ways to shed pregnancy pounds

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Your bundle of joy has arrived and it’s the most wonderful and exhilarating feeling to be a new mom or to have another baby. Indeed, motherhood is probably the most joyous experience that I have experienced in my life. The love and elation I felt when I was handed my baby was a one of […]

1505, 2015

Most Popular 2015 Baby Names

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According to the Social Security administration, Emma and Noah were the most popular baby names in 2014. For girls, Emma was followed by Olivia, Sophia, Isabella and Ava. For boys, Noah was followed by Liam, Mason, Jacob and William. The Social Security Administration’s website provides lists of the top 1,000 baby names for each year, […]

2404, 2015

Top 10 Smart Parenting Hacks

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How do parents make their lives easier or keep their sanity in the midst of tackling everyday parenting issues? The answer is innovative solutions. Remember, a happy parent is a better parent!

So, here are the Top 10 Smart Parenting Hacks that you can use to improve your life:

Blend veggies into Pizza sauce: your kids will […]

1704, 2015

How to satisfy the pickiest eater

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Do you have a picky eater living in your house? I have two! Both daughters have gone through many transitions since they were babies. They have gone from eating or at least trying any food, to eating only a handful of foods. I tried introducing healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into their diets early […]