The big day is fast approaching and yet you have no idea what your little girl is going to wear to her birthday party. It could be that you have searched the local malls and boutiques but ended up coming home empty handed because the dress you wanted was either too expensive or you just couldn’t find the dress you had in mind. It’s not uncommon for busy moms to have little or no time to shop different stores for an item. Especially for first year birthday parties most moms search for the perfect dress that will make the event and pictures memorable, but it can also be very stressful dragging a one year old through multiple stores. I know first-hand!

As an experienced mother of two daughters that’s been through multiple birthday party planning, I can tell you that once I started shopping online my life became much easier. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a few bumps in the route shopping online for birthday dresses, but now I can easily advice you on how to choose a trustworthy online retailer and the perfect birthday party dress.

Start by doing your homework when it comes to choosing an online birthday dress retailer. There are hundreds of such online stores competing for your business. Select reputable USA stores with a solid track record. Also, look for secure online shopping logos and good reviews from past shoppers.

Once you find a trusted online store, make sure they have a separate category just for birthday party dresses. You don’t want to waste valuable mommy time searching through categories that don’t have birthday dresses.

Look for bright colors that will pop in photos so your little angel can stand out on her special day. Select comfortable, breathable fabrics that will not make your little one too worm, since they will probably be very active at their birthday party. You also want to make sure the dress in easy to move around in and will not restrict playing time.