This is a question I know most moms have to face almost everyday living in a country where childhood obesity, diabetes and cancer are the leading types of illnesses. If it was completely up to me, I would not allow my kids to eat anything with sugar including candy at all. Unfortunately it’s not totally up to me and children are exposed to sugary drinks and products daily and if your child has a sweet tooth like mine does, you will have a problem controlling her sugar intake.

Kids are rewarded with candy at school and bring home bags full of candy and deserts from school events and birthday parties. My daughter brought home a large bag of candy from her Valentine’s Day classroom party and was about to eat her third candy when I took it away. Having been called a mean and horrible mom who never lets her have any candy is something I am used to by now. I rather be called names than let her consume something that will eventually harm her body.

So what do you do if your child brings home a bag full of candy? My method is I tell my daughter that I will hold onto the bag and she can have one a day. She usually complains but she’s used to it by now. What happens is that by the time day two and three rolls around she forgets to ask for the rest of the candy. Some may call it wasteful and I probably have gathered a couple of large trash bags full of candy which I’m happy to say I would rather throw out than let my kids put into their bodies. I understand that eating candy is part of childhood but growing up I was never given or exposed to so much soda, juice and sugary products like kids are today.

Every mom has their own theory and methods on when or how much candy their kids should have. The above method has worked for me and will hopefully help another mom struggling with this problem.   I would love to hear from other moms. How do you handle your kid’s sweet tooth?