Did you let your kids watch the Oscars last night?

I did!  This was the first year my kids showed any interest in watching the Oscars. I don’t usually watch Hollywood shows when my kids are around. We happen to be at my parents’ house last night and they were watching the red carpet interviews of the actors and so my kids were exposed to the Oscars and they loved it.

They are at that sensitive age where they believe everything they see and I think what really attracted them to the show was obviously all the glam of the singing, dancing and the glittery dresses. My girls have been performing at school plays the last two years and love to sing and dance. This was why they instantly connected to the Oscars and all the performances.

After Lady Gaga’s performance of the classic movie The Sound of Music, who my girls have seen at least 6 times, my ten year old turns around and says “mommy I dream to become a famous actress one day and receive an Oscar”. I must admit that this comment didn’t surprise me coming from an innocent ten year old girl who only sees the surface of things and the world is a beautiful fairy-tale in her eyes. So I had to hold myself back and be careful how I respond to her comment. I didn’t want to shatter her enthusiasm because I know how much she loves performing at her school theater and I love that about her. At the same time I knew I had to somehow inform her of the cruel realities of making it in Hollywood and how there are thousands of heartbreaks before one gets discovered and established in the acting world. Most of the actor friends I’ve had in the past were working as waiters and weren’t very happy .  Most of them ended up doing something else because it was so difficult to live as a starving actor. But how do I tell a ten year old that acting may not be the best route to take as far as a career?

During the awkward pause, I think she noticed something in my demeanor and said, “Can I be a pharmacist and an actor”? I was happy and relieved to hear she has other higher aspirations in life. I told her she can act but it’s important to have a college education and a solid career to fall back on. I went on to say how she can act as a hobby while she works as a professional so she can manage a good life for her and live comfortably. She seemed satisfied with that answer and hopefully will be educated about the harsh realities of Hollywood as she grows up. I am curious if other parents experienced the same thing while watching the Oscars or did you let your kids watch the Oscars at all?