Every wedding needs the ‘cute’ factor to make it feel absolutely perfect. For this, one needs kids because grown ups are not that cute. Flower girls are a way to up the cute quotient for a wedding. These are young girls aged between 4 to 8 wearing replica dresses of either the bride or bridesmaids or something else that fits in to the wedding. You would want everything to be perfect on the big day and would not want to let your thunder be stolen away by the cute flower girls (if you ever think like that).

In ancient times, historians noted it was a practice for the groomsmen and bridesmaids to dress as the wedding couple in order to confuse potential assassins or spell casters, quite exciting. But in these modern and skeptical times this tradition is in practice for only sentimental reasons. It is quite acceptable and amusing to see the ring bearer and the flower girl to mimic the dress of the bride and the groom.

Choosing a flower girl dress is easy, any young girl close to you in the family or not, would be perfect for the role, but don’t go too young. Choose someone who can handle the crowd and there’s no reason why you can’t have two or three flower girls or maybe none at all.

The big question of course is what they actually do. The flower girls walk down the aisle before or after the bridesmaids, spreading flowers on the ground. Don’t get worried if they get scared, or run instead of walk, it’s cute.

The dresses are quite simple and cheap. They could be replicas of either the bride’s or bridesmaid’s dresses but in different colors. That’s the easiest and simplest approach. Then accessorize a bit with gloves, hats or veils, whatever fits in.

The flower girl will also be expected to pose for the formal photographs after the ceremony. Make sure you choose a flower girl who understands this as a big responsibility and should be her best when the photographs are being taken. You don’t want a little girl making this process to take any longer than it usually does.

Once the ceremony is over, your flower girl can relax. She does not need to be standing in the receiving line (unless she is close to the bride or the groom) and does not sit on the head table, unless you choose her to do so. She can relax with her family and have fun as she worked really hard.

Here’s a tip, the bride wants to be in control of everything, but the nagging mother – in – law would always be there. Why not let her handle the flower girls? You save hassle, time and energy by giving away something that’s not that important in the first place.

A wedding is quite a special day in one’s life so make sure to plan ahead. Have contingencies for everything and if something goes wrong do not panic.