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Have you passed by a newspaper or a magazine stand lately? If so, I am sure you’ve come across a dozen bridal magazines, especially if you are a bride-to-be! You couldn’t have missed all the hype about designer bridal gowns that are so popular lately. Today’s trendy, high fashion magazines generally feature a mixture of classic and modern bridal dresses to please all tastes. However, over the past few years, a growing number of brides demand a certain perfection not only for their own bridal gown, but also from the entire wedding party.  This demand has led to a growing trend among designers of flower girl dresses to use the same quality bridal gown fabrics and modern designs to meet demand.

I’m sure you’ve also come across a few designer flower girl dresses in your search that have caught your eyes. One designer that stands out is Biscotti which creates an up-to-date variety of flower girl dresses that are popular amongst trendy brides. Modern brides are very selective in choosing the perfect wedding dress, and selecting the perfect flower girl dress is no exception. A beautiful couture or designer bridal gown that is made of fine quality fabrics must be matched to the same high standards in a well-made flower girl dress. That’s why Biscotti designer flower girl dress line is perfect for today’s modern and trend setting flower girl. Modern brides appreciate the couture look and feel of this designer label which possesses both a nostalgic and modern appeal designed to please both the youngest customer and the fashion conscious young teen.

Biscotti flower girl dresses are beautiful and designed from a combination of beautiful fabrics with eye-catching details that fills the need for what girls (and Moms) want an outfit to be: hip, but also simple, pretty and understated. Biscotti dresses come in variety of colors and fabrics and are adorned with tulle, rosettes and beads which make them perfect for holiday parties as well.

My picky nine year old wore a champagne color tulle Biscotti dress to a dinner party Friday night, no questions asked!  She is usually very opinionated and tries on many dresses before choosing one! The dress was comfortable and versatile and I got no complaints the entire evening. It was a little chilly so she also wore the matching faux-fur Biscotti bolero. She looked stunning and mommy got a lot of complements!

Biscotti dresses are versatile and perfect for any occasion from holiday parties to weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and birthday parties.

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