Most people have a good idea what flowers girls do. They are the cute little girls that walk down the aisle at the beginning of a wedding and throw flower petals down the walkway. While this is correct, the flower girl actually plays an important symbolic ritual role in the wedding. She has many things to remember in her role, so here are some helpful tips to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything!

In Advance

Flower girls should attend the shower and may attend other pre-wedding parties. It is a must that they attend the rehearsal and may attend the rehearsal dinner with their families.They should be available to bride (if need be) for going shopping for wedding attire or to fittings.

At the Wedding

The flower girl typically walks down the aisle before the Maid of Honor or immediately before the bride. In many weddings, both the flower girl and the ring bearer will walk down the aisle at the same time, which makes a darling part of the wedding.

Flower girls walk directly in front of the bride in the processional and in front of the maid of honor in the recessional.  As flower girls walk down the aisle, they may scatter flower or rose petals. If petals are not permitted, sometimes flower girls will hand out single flowers to guest as they walk, or they may just carry a bouquet, a ring of flowers or a pomander ball.

During the ceremony, flower girls may stand near the bridesmaids or may sit with their families. Younger ones probably will do better sitting with their families. They are in the formal photographs of the bridal parties.

During the Ceremony

Depending on the age of the flower girl, she may be able to stand with the bride’s party during the ceremony. However, if she is younger, there should be a place held for her in the front row so she does not take the focus off the bride and groom. If her parents or grandparents can be there with her, they can help her sit still until the vows have been exchanged.

If the flower girl does stand at the front, one of the bridesmaids should be appointed to hold her hand and keep her still until after the “I Do’s” have been exchanged.

At the Reception

Flower girls do not usually stand in the reception line unless they are a child of the bride and/or groom.

Flower girls usually sit at a table of honor with their families rather than at the head table. Remember, these are children who may need their food cut up! Let them sit with who they are comfortable with.

Flower girls may dance with family members, friends or other members of the wedding party if they choose to do so.

Flower girls DO get “announced” along with wedding party when entering the reception. They are generally introduced with the ring bearer or junior bridesmaid, whichever is more comfortable.


Families of the flower girl are expected to pay for the wedding and other attire. In some cases, the mother of the bride or groom or grandmother of the child (if she is invited) has elected to pay for these costs, but in the majority of the weddings we’ve seen, the family of the child pays. Families of flower girls are usually expected to pay for dresses and other attire.

If travel expenses are involved, the girls’ family normally pick up these costs. However, in some cases the parents of the bride and groom may elect to pay for guests travel arrangements.

Flower girls are not expected to bring a gift to pre-wedding parties they may attend. If their parents attend, gift expectations would be the same as any other guest. If they attend more than one shower or party, only one shower gift is expected.

Flower girls are not responsible for helping financially with bridal shower.

After the wedding and honeymoon

In certain cultures, there may be hosted parties that take place upon the return of the bride and groom from their honeymoon. If the wedding party is invited, then the flower girl and family is also expected to be invited.

If travel distance was an issue for the flower girl to attend your wedding, then it is not certainly expected to make another trip for an after wedding party. Consider the nature of the party. If it is a casual family barbeque, then certainly, the flower girl will feel comfortable in those surroundings. However, if it an adult party at night filled with social drinking and partying until the wee hours of the morning, then reconsider inviting the child due to bedtime hours and age appropriateness. Maybe consider inviting the parents of the child if the bride and groom are close to them.