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Flower Girl Dress Style 5404-White with Choice of 71 Sash Options!

    Flower Girl Dress Style 5404-White with Choice of 71 Sash Options!

    Style 5404W
    Our Price: $59.99
    Sleeveless bridal satin dress with bubble style hemline,dress bridal quality and is made well and does not look like the cheap poly junk dresses that you see all over the market. The style 204 in the market is not the same quality as our dress- they look completely different- Ours has a generous full skirt that is bridal weight satin- not cheap flimsy material like so many out there (an you cannot tell until you get it in your hands) Not all dresses are the same ladies- any site can take a good picture- but this dress is the nice bridal satin. Dress skirt has crinoline that can be scrunched and be puffed up to add fullness. Like all of our dresses that we offer, this dress is fully lined so there are no itchy scratchies on the legs. Dress has little side loops that keep the sash in place. You can use this for several weddings or events! Fully lined, zipper back. A gorgeous look that can be reused again by simply slipping off the sash,truly one of the most versatile that we have and at a price that you will be thrilled with.******************************************************Alot of clients ask how style 204 (on other websites) compare to our 5287 dress and we can tell you that the 204 is not Shantung Silk- it is polyester fabric woven to look have the nubby look that silk has- while they say that it is machine washable- any woman knows that a dress lined with polyester acetate lining will warp and shrink if washed. If you want silk- buy the real thing- we have 5013 that is real raw silk. If you compare the 5404 and 204 dresses in person, the 5404 looks completely different in quality and feel- ours is bridal matte satin, fully lined with double crinoline- we 100% guarantee that any bride would choose ours over the 204 dress.
    • You will want to measure your child (bare-skinned) with a smooth tape measure and make sure that the child is relaxed to ensure room for comfort. Get an actual measurement-do not place your finger or give an inch, you will want exactly what she is in inches. If you do not have a soft tape measure, then you can always take a piece of string or ribbon, and lay it down on the tape measure to get the number.
    • Chest: Take the tape measure under her arms and go directly over the bust line.
    • Waist: Go around them with the measuring tape right at the belly button. Some children have a slight pooch belly, so you will want to measure the widest point of where it sticks out.
    • Length: Take the tape measure from the top of the child's shoulder to the floor. You will take the tape measure all the way down the front of her and see where it falls on the leg. For ballerina length, the dress should fall between mid-calf to ankle.
    • Please keep in mind that most of our dresses should fall between mid-calf to ankle so looking at the length measurement is important. Some sizing charts are generic ones provided to us from the manufacturer so please look at where the dress falls on the model or mannequin and consider the length it would be on your child.
    • If you have measured your child and still have questions regarding sizing we are more than happy to help you find the best size. Please submit an email to our Sizing Department and we will help suggest the size you need. Please note when submitting a sizing inquiry, the information needed is: age, chest, waist, top of shoulder to floor measurement and the wear date. Please note that the assistance you receive should be taken as a suggestion only as the child is not in front of us.

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